How to Be Saved
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  • How to Go to Heaven
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Welcome to Salvation Coach!

At Salvation Coach we are helping people just like you find direction and meaning in their lives.  We take a holistic and "soulistic" approach to helping you in every area of your life.  We help your life get rooted and built on a solid foundation so that no matter what comes your way you can proudly say that you're living today.

How to Be Saved
As our name implies, one of our favorite and most essential focus topics is salvation and teaching individuals how to be saved. Salvation is not merely a one time event to assure one's eternal life but is integral to every aspect of this life we live. We will teach and train you in the Biblical essentials of how to get saved and stay saved.  We provide the coaching you need to make the transition into a saved life and to continue living a connected life with God all the way to Heaven.

Christian Training

In addition to salvation, we also teach the essentials of living the Christian life. We help you take the first steps in your new life and continue to provide monthly assistance for as long as you need and desire it.

We offer personal coaching and mentoring. We also assist parents in provide personal mentoring and friendship to their children.


We're here for you as a friend. If you just want to "hang out" or connect, we're happy to be a positive spiritual influence in your life. Our times can be as scheduled or un-scheduled as you like. We can connect regularly or here and there, as you prefer. No pressure, no time commitment, just friendship.

And, Much More!
What's on your mind? What do you need to help with? We're here to offer and provide the support you are looking for!